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Mind That 'tis My Brother is a romp through the afterlife of Tony, the only survivor of Aids unknown to modern medicine.

"Me Brothur Liam knew that I wanted to be cremated an me ashes scattered onto the grave a little Nellie a Holy God back in the Good Shepherd Convent in Cork. So he had me cremated ovur an he brought me home in a bag."


In this exuberant comedy, Gaye Shortland paints a painfully funny and surprisingly exotic portrait of Cork's gay underworld. Alienated, elated or just plain out of their skulls, the merry band of rent boys and reprobates that Liam gathers to mark Tony's passing wanders every highway and byway of the Beautiful City in a comic odyssey of which his extremely horny ghost is the moving spirit.


"Anyway, at long last we're goin through Customs with me in the urun in the shoulder-bag, clankin' away against the bottle a whiskey the langur on the boat had given Liam for services rendered. 'What's that?‘ sez the Customs man, rapping the urun with his knuckles. 'Mind that 'tis my brother!’ sez Liam.


"A cracking performance"

Mary Leland, Irish Times

"Sharp wit and exuberant good humour permeate this adaptation. It is smart, sassy and clever, with a sharp tongue and real warmth in its heart"

Rachel Andrews, The Sunday Tribune


"Mind That 'tis My Brother is a wonderful romp, a real tour de force"

Colette Sheridan, Irish Examiner.

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